Financial planning with Nova Credit Union and Bridges

Financial Planning

Thinking about your future is never a bad idea, no matter which stage of life you’re in. But it’s important to get the right advice from a trusted, reputable, capable source.

Nova Credit Union has partnered with Bridges to provide financial planning services to our customers. 

A financial planner can assist you with investment strategies for any circumstance, such as:

  • Managing your investments tax effectively
  • Saving for a home
  • Planning for the costs of marriage and the benefits of combining your income and savings
  • Making your income go further by investing wisely
  • Structuring your assets in the most effective way if you are self employed
  • Planning for the birth of children and taking maternity leave
  • Making the most of your superannuation
  • Planning your finances following a redundancy or when changing jobs
  • Making the most of a financial windfall, such as an inheritance or a maturing term deposit
  • Maximising your eligibility for government benefits
  • Planning your retirement
get financial planning with Nova Credit Union

The aim of financial planning is more than just managing your savings and investments. It’s about helping you plan for a future lifestyle that is as good as it can possibly be. You work hard so why not make sure your money is working as hard as you are.

Whether you are in your carefree 20s, consolidating 30s, comfortable 40s or cruising 50s, the advice of a professional financial planner can be critical in helping you achieve your financial goals by developing a strategy that will work for you.