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Green Loans

Would you like a home solar power system or solar hot water service installed, but even with the government rebates and grants available you don’t have quite enough cash on hand? Nova has a low interest rate loans available –  Green loans are available as personal loans, but at very low interest rates through the Nova Credit Union. we like to reward people who are ‘going green’ by providing low interest rates for environmentally-friendly purposes, and solar energy solutions certainly qualify.

You can purchase all solar water and electricity saving products through a green loan, take the loan out over five years and with the anticipated electricity bill savings, cover a percentage of your repayments!

Nova‘s Green loans have the following advantages:

  • A competitive interest rate
  • Allow additional repayments with no early payout penalty
  • No monthly loan account keeping fees
  • Redraw available

Nova Credit Union is happy to be partnered with Ausave Energy in bringing you a loan that will inevitably save you money.

Ausave Energy is an Australian owned company striving to help Australian’s save on Energy and to make a smart, sustainable investment in our future. They provide consumers not only with innovative technology but also with aesthetically pleasing Solar panels.


With industry leading warranties and attention to details, their solar panels provide an energy-smart choice for your home. Ausave Energy works with the largest distributors of Solar Electricity Panels, inverters and hot water systems in Australia and provide great quality service at a reasonable price.

Green loan rate
6.12% pa

Comparison rate
7.45% pa*

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How much can I borrow?

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*Comparison rate based on a $30,000 loan over 5 years. Eligibility criteria, conditions and applications fees apply